Ceselsan Promotional Film

Employed within the production of mechanical engineers, mechanical drawing construction technicians, electronic engineers, electrical technicians, master trainer and performing with an experienced team of experts in the field, customer satisfaction, pre and post sales services in the market with each passing day strengthens. Our company is the biggest factor in achieving success in this sector and presenting solutions to the problems of following too close.

Ceselsan Kuruyemiş Kavurma Makinaları

Pistachio Salting Machine

Liquid mixture spraying nozzle is used for applying the liquid mixture, which is calculated automatically according to the recipe already recorded and loaded to the salting drum after weighing process, to the product inside of drum, which will be salted. Liquid mixture can be applied to the product in the drum in a homogeneous way with the help of this nozzle.

Ceselsan Nuts Chopping and Shredding Line

Nuts, peanuts, walnuts and broken ground beef used to make the nuts as pistachio. The product touching surfaces are AISI 304 stainless steel. Extra hardened, wear is reduced to a minimum level in the chopper cylinder. The small body of the machine, provides ease of handling and installation.

Nut processing plant

Integrated Plants are the systems that form by working of all systems in a coordination when processing a product from natural to processed. (Ceselsan Machinery - Agricultural, Blanching, Breaking, Chopping, Dried, Dry Stoner, Drying, Flour, Hazelnut, Machine, Machines, Nut, Ovens, Packaging, Paste, Peanut, Puree, Puree Line, Roasting, Roasting Oven, Salting, Selecting, Slicing, Stocking, Transmission...)