Mini Puree Line İCEMH

With the help of shredding elements, all nuts or sesame raw materials roasted at 0.8-1.2% humidity in normal capacity can be thinned up to 100-200 micron.

Mini Pre-Crusher Capacity: 60-100 kg / hour depending on product type Mini Thinner Capacity: 40-100 kg / hour depending on the product type

The working principle of Mini Puree Line is as follows: Roasted nuts or sesame seeds to 0.8-1.2% humidity/moisture ratio can be delivered to the system through the hopper tank of pre-paste machine No. 1, the product will be crushed by means of crushing blades and the machine give up to 100-200 micron of product The machine's output are collected in tank No.2. Pre-paste machine is supported with body water cooling system therefore product aroma and color will be preserved. lf the oil content of the processed product is low, vegetable oil can be added with the product from tank No. 7 for better crushing if desired. The product, which is crushed in the Mini Pre-Paste machine, comes to the Paste machine No. 3 which has cooling and heating systems, through the pump fixed under the Paste machine and the product processed up to 30-60 micron with the help of the balls and crushing arms then it transferred into the stock tank No. 4. lf the processed product is desired to be further thinned/ pasted, it can be reintroduce to mini paste machine through the By-pass pump No. 6 and heated jacket pi peline No.8 which is pressing the product back to tank No. 2 then reintroduce to paste machine again to get more fine and less micron product. in addition, Mini Paste and Pre-Paste machine has a special thickness adjusting systems and by this system product can be produced with less micron, but in this case the maximum capacity values of the Mini Pre-Paste and Mini Paste machines will decrease according to the thinning ratio.
Mini Pre-Paste Capacity: 60-100 kg / h according to product type
Mini Paste Capacity: 40-100 kg / h according to product type

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