Product Specifications

Uzunluk Length 1,475 m
Genişlik Width 1,05 m
Yükseklik Height 1,568 m
Elektrik Gücü Electric Power 3,5 kW
It can be used for chopping every kind of nuts with its special design and integrated easily to chopping facilities. It can be controlled automatically from a PLC panel and all parts of the machine are manufactured from stainless steel material, except for smasher blocks hardened with nitration and side bodies, on which these blocks are interconnected, manufactured from aluminum alloy.

With its glass cover system, which is not found at its equivalents, both you can see the processing product and cleaning of the smasher blocks can be done easily. Also, back cover of KY-2000 model chopping machine is designed as removable for making the cleaning easier. If the front or back cover is opened while the machine is working, the machine stops automatically by the help of magnetic cover security switch and job security is prioritized by this way.

Capacity of the machine is raised up to 2 times more than its equivalents by the help of nitration hardened and monobloc special blade design. There are 3 opposite smasher block  groups in the machine. Opposite blocks move synchronously by means of engines, which works synchronously, and the product is chopped in the most appropriate way. Each of the smasher blocks, which are one under the other and have different structures, can move independently from each other and distance between the blocks can be set automatically from PLC panel in the most appropriate way for the product calibration by means of this function. With the help of special scraper combs under the blade groups, blades can be cleaned by itself and allocated time for cleaning becomes half and half lesser. Distance between smasher blocks can be reset from the PLC panel by the help of a laser sensor in the machine and thus the machine can be brought back to its normal working order by preventing calibration defects result from freefalls.

Product can be given to the smasher blocks at desired quantity and speed with the help of hopper cover adjustment mechanism and speed-controlled conveyor belt system, which can be set from PLC panel.

Distance setting between the smasher blocks can be made automatically from PLC control panel with +-0,01 precision. This feature enables controlling the machine by an operator without going beside the machine and labor loss is prevented by this feature.

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