Seasoning machine, specially designed by Ceselsan Machinery, has the feature of being a covering machine as well. Process mechanism of the system is; first of all, product is loaded to seasoning machine’s inlet hopper after they are roasted, then the product is weighed on a vertical belt as well while it is moving on the belt before entering special design Rolling drum. With the help of this specification; the amount of liquid or oil & dry season or flavor, which will be spread on the surface of the product, is automatically determined by the machine and covering ingredients are always spread on the product at same ratio according to the previously recorded recipe, while the product is moving on the belt.

Ceselsan SM 2000 Seasoning Machine has so many features, which distinguish the machine from its equivalents. For example; the product is weighed on the weighing belt in a very special and sensitive belt, the hygienic bucket in the rolling drum can be easily removed and cleaned (this feature enables you to use various kinds of different flavors and these flavors do not mix up with each other.), liquid spreading system in the drum can carry out the spreading process in a sensitive and homogeneous way and also dry season covering spread unit can always covers the products at the same ratio.

The most delicate issue for these kind of machines is that they can be cleanable. Ceselsan SM 2000 model is a superior model, which contains all these features within itself.

SM 2000 Model Seasoning Machine will enable you to take place with too many products on the shelves and sell so many products by providing you to produce tens of different products with only one raw material for the products like sunflower seed, peanut, cashew, hazelnut, etc.

SM 2000 Model Seasoning Machine creates a thin film layer on the surface of the black sunflower seed by covering the product with a very thin oil layer and so the product seems polished.

Covering and seasoning every kind of nuts in the most productive and homogeneous way becomes more easy with Ceselsan SM 2000 Seasoning Machine.

You will have the opportunity to produce several different products from raw materials like sunflower seed, peanut, hazelnut, cashew, etc.

These kinds of products, which are sold with the cheapest raw material costs in snack food group, enable the consumers to taste cheese, salmon, chili flavors while eating sunflower seed or garlic, chicken, filet steak flavors while eating peanut, etc. in both cheap and practical way.

Besides, while nut companies do not take place on the market shelves with one product, seasoning machine makes the sales of producers easier by producing 10-20 different products with only one kind of raw material.

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