It has the ability to salt all kinds of nuts.

It is used for homogeneous salting of nuts such as peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, cashews, chickpeas. Thanks to its recordable recipe creation feature and precise weighing, an equal amount of salted product is obtained every time.

Product Specifications

Uzunluk Length 3,975m
Genişlik Width 1,43m
Yükseklik Height 2,86m
Elektrik Gücü Electric Power 5,2 KW
In-shell Peanut 800 Shelled Almond 2000
Shelled Peanut 2000 In-shell Pistachio 2000
Sunflower Seed 1500 Shelled Pistachio 2500
Pumpkin Seed 1500 Roasted Chickpea 1800
In-shell Almond 1500 Cashew 1800


Liquid mixture spraying nozzle is used for applying the liquid mixture, which is calculated automatically according to the recipe already recorded and loaded to the salting drum after weighing process, to the product inside of drum, which will be salted. Liquid mixture can be applied to the product in the drum in a homogeneous way with the help of this nozzle.


In the lines including salting and roasting machine; if the product is desired to load directly to oven without salting, the product is loaded to the hopper under the salting machine for conveying it directly to the roasting oven’ hopper with the help of by-pass canal shown at the figure. Softening catwalks are placed in the by-pass canal in order to prevent the deformation of product. 


Pneumatic on-off system, settled under the Salting machine’s bunker, uses for transferring of the product, settled inside the inlet bunker of the Salting Machine, to drum following to reach set weight value, taking part previously created recipe for salted product.  


Feeding System with Spiral is used for transferring the dry additives to the product, which is weighed at the inlet hopper of the salting machine and loaded to the salting machines drum, according to the recorded recipe in an automatic and proportional way.  It prevents hardening of dust additives in the spiral’s bunker and enables transferring the additives to the product in the drum homogeneously with the help of its mixing system. Also, spiral system can be moved forward or backward with its sliding structure in order to prevent deformation of the products and do cleaning of the drum easily.


Following to completion of the salting process inside of the salting drum in the context of previously recorded recipe, salted products, settled inside the drum, discharge to the salted product bunker, settled under the drum, when the drum starts to rotate opposite side, by means of the wing system, settled inside the drum.  Vibrated feeding system, settled under the salted product bunker, using for transferring the salted products to inlet hopper of the Roasting Oven by means of an elevator. The system, working with vibration, provides to given the product to the elevator in a controlled manner, so it prevents product loss and deformation on the product, also provides to feeding the system continuously and neatly.


Amount of liquid mixture, which will be applied to the product, and dry dust additives are calculated automatically by the system after weighing the product in the hopper of salting machine, according to the recipe already recorded to the control panel of the line for products, which will be salted and roasted. Following the weighing process, liquid mixture and dry additives stated above are proportionally & automatically applied to the product, which is automatically loaded to the drum of the salting machine with the help of piston under the inlet hopper. With the help of this system, the product is always salted homogeneously by applying liquid mixture and dry additives at the desired rate, so recipe differences of manual systems, caused from faulty workmanship, are prevented.


Mixture stocking tank, which is one of the tanks integrated to the Salting Machine, is stocking prepared mixture by preparation tank and transferring the mixture to the drum of Salting Machine.  Because of the tank using for continuously working of the system, it provides to continuous working by warning the mixture preparation tank when the level of the mixture decrease by means of a minimum level sensor, settled under the tank.   Also the pumps, settled between the preparation and stocking tanks and transferring the mixture from stocking tank to drum of the Salting machine, are suitable for transferring of the liquid mixtures such as salt-flour-water and etc…


Preparation and feeding tanks, integrated to the salting machine, used for preparation and stocking of liquid mixtures in the context of recorded recipes for salting. After the connection of preparation tank with water installation is made, water is taken to the tank from the installation. Following this procedure, flour-salt and other dry additives are added to this tank and mixture is prepared with the help of a mixer in the tank. Liquid mixture, prepared in this tank, is transferred to the stock tank with the help of a pump. Liquid mixture, settled inside the stocking tank, is transferred to the drum of salting machine by means of a pump and when the mixture level inside the stock tank decreases, it gives instruction to the preparation tank for preparing new mixture (these two tanks are working synchronized). By this way, the system works continuously without stopping.


Control board, which takes place on the machine, is designed for doing the cleaning near the machine and under the control of operator without going to the panel. Also, cavities, which will occur at the pouring point of the spiral when dry additives are poured to the spiral, are taken up only for once with the help of “Spiral Start” button on the board. So, dry additives can be applied to the product in the drum continuously according to the recorded recipe.


The drum of the Salting Machine should be cleaned at the end of the day or when different kinds of mixtures are wanted to use.  For that purpose “2 Tank Pump-Mixer” key, settled in the board over the Salting Machine, is opened for giving water from system to the drum of Salting Machine. There is a valve over the drum for discharging of remnants, settled inside the drum, by means of the water. This valve is moving over to discharging hole over the body of the Salting Machine by means of opening the “Drum Discharge-Mixer” key, settled in the board.  Following that valve is opened and remnants easily cleaning and discharging from the discharging hole over the Salting Machine. As it is seen all the facilities are thought over the machine for cleaning of the system and easily system could be cleaned.

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