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Diffusion Based Salting Machine manufactured by Ceselsan Machinery has not an equivalent example in the world. This machine is manufactured for the purpose of salting the inside of especially shelled nuts (like sunflower seed, peanut with shell, almond with shell, pumpkin seed, pistachio with shell, etc.) without salt on products’ shells. DST 650 model Diffusion Based Salting Machine sends the product to the machine as an uncooked raw material, then it opens the fibers’ pinholes of product’s shell by exerting pressure to the product’s shell with high technology and at the same time it gives salty water inside of the product. By this way, a layer like a film plate is generated by salting main material of the nut inside shell, this enables long time endurance to the product and lengthens shelf life of the product and at the same time consumers eat more products because the oily products are consumed as salty. In other words, salt brings a new taste to product by penetrating into the product. In addition to this advantage, there is no burn or irritation on the lips of the consumers cracking seeds with their mouths.

Compared with classic outer salting technique, Diffusion Based salting from inside is a revolutionary innovation at the nut sector and it both enables selling more products to the producers and eating high-class & tasty products to the consumers.       

DST 650 Diffusion Based Salting Machine has three main parts

The first part consists of liquid mixture tanks, which always balances the salt & water ratio. This part is a computer-aided unit, which always balances Salt Feeding, Water Feeding and liquid mixture and adjusts balance of the prepared liquid mixture & recipes according to recorded data.

The second part is the pressure section, which opens fibers of Shelled Nuts under Pressure and enables entering the salt from the shell (in other words; which injects the salty water inside the shell). There is also a computer-aided special software program at this part, which always balances salt, water, etc. Mixture ratio and this program enables salting the product with a same ratio liquid mixture every time.  

The third part is the pre-drying part, in which the product is subjected to a pre-drying before roasted in the oven. In this part, outer moisture of the wet products, which exits from Diffusion Based Salting Machine, is dehumidified and only cooking/roasting process is carried out in the roasting oven. So, the products are roasted without losing performance of the oven.

DST 650 Diffusion Based Salting Machine is an important and top quality machine brought to the sector by Ceselsan.     


It is Open for Integrated Working with the Other Machines Added to the Ovens and Available for All Kinds of Communication.   

( Like sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, watermelon-melon seeds )

Watermelon seed

White sunflower seed

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