Nuts Roasting Machine CS-12000 KF

The natural product is a system formed by coordination of the entire stages of the process from the entrance to the exit to the finished product.

Crushing, stone taking, storage, roasting, dicing, picking, mincing, flour, slitting, mash line, packing, salting, transportation.

Product Specifications

Uzunluk Length 10,80m
Genişlik Width 4,00m
Yükseklik Height 2,90m
Elektrik Gücü Electric Power 37 KW
Yakıt Fuel Motorin / LPG / Doğal Gaz
Hazelnut 3000 Sunflower Seed 1500
Shelled Peanut 2500 Pumpkin Seed 1300
In-shell Peanut 550 Almond 2500
In-shell Pistachio 1500 Cashew 3000
Shelled Pistachio 2500 Roasted chickpea 2000

Product Videos


The liquid mix discharge nozzle is used to deliver the liquid mixture automatically calculated in the recipe frame to the product in the drum in a controlled manner for the product which is salted in a weighted manner in the prescribed recipe frame for the product to be salted. By means of the nozzle, liquid mixture can be given homogeneously in the product in the boiler.


In the case of salting and roasting machines, if the product is required to be sent directly to the fryer for salting without salting, the by-pass channel is used to send the product directly to the fryer without entering the salting vessel. To prevent the deformation of the product by falling down harder, the by-pass duct was made of softening cats.